My name is Jessica Siskin and I am a human woman, but sometimes people call me Misterkrisp. Five years ago I didn't know how to cook anything besides oversized heart-shaped Rice Krispies Treats (but I had other redeeming qualities). When I was invited to a potluck birthday dinner, I was stumped. The birthday girl was a surfer, so a friend suggested I make a Rice Krispies Treats surfboard. When I realized that food coloring could be added to the side-of-the-box recipe, I felt an immediate and overwhelming impulse to make a Rice Krispies Treats cheeseburger. I'm weird like that. When I put all of the pieces together I screamed out loud-- it was the coolest thing I'd ever seen. None of my neighbors came to check on me.

I brought my creation to work the next day, where people freaked out before devouring it; I posted a photo of my creation on Instagram, where I broke 100 likes for the first time and I freaked out.  I continued to experiment with Rice Krispies Treats recipes, techniques, and designs until Misterkrisp was born in October 2013. 

I'm inspired by my previous career in fashion, everything pop culture, the internet, and the library of emojis that are slowly eliminating the need for traditional expressive language. When I'm not in the kitchen, I'm writing creative nonfiction and eating all of the ice cream in the Tri-state area.  My first book, Treat Yourself! is available wherever books are sold!